Promo Staffing & Trade Show Staffing Services


Hostesses are best at attracting attendees to the booth and generating leads.


Their job is to draw attendees to your exhibit, distribute promotional materials, scan badges or conduct surveys.

Hostesses are what you need if:

  • You want to scan the largest amount of badges.
  • You want to maximize foot traffic at your exhibit.
  • You want a attendees to receive marketing materials.
  • You want someone covering your booth while you are away networking.


Product Specialists are trained to demonstrate your product in a one-on-one setting.


Their main job is to get potential customers to your exhibit and present your product or in a professional manner.

Product Specialists are your best option if:

  • You want someone trained in your products prior to the show.
  • You want someone who can present your product while you are away networking.
  • You want someone experienced in one-on-one sales.
  • You want as many customers as possible to receive individualized information on your product.


Lead Generators fit in as one of your staff members.


Lead Generators receive extensive training on your products before the event, seamlessly integrating as part of your exhibit staff.

Lead Generators are what you need if:

  • Your lead quality is more important than the quantity of leads.
  • You want our most experienced and attractive staff.
  • You want a person who is extremely knowledgeable on your product.
  • You want staff to receive in-depth training on your product beforehand.

Why Choose Live Talent?


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our service is risk-free to you! If you are not satisfied with the talent we provided, simply contact us and we will replace them immediatelyWe are the only agency that offers such a guarantee!


You Pick The Talent

With us, what you pick is what you get! The talent we send to work your booth will be the one you selected from their photos and profile.


All-Inclusive Price

Unlike most other trade show modeling agencies, the price we quote for our services includes everything: transportation, parking, meals, per diem, etc. There are no surprises!


Talent Everywhere

Why incur travel expenses and deplete your in-house team? We can staff your event with local talent anywhere in the world. Save money and still increase productivity!



At the cornerstone of our success is our reputation as the most responsive agency in the country. Our clients can access us seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Try us!


On Time Guarantee

If our staff is late (even if only 5 minutes) you will be reimbursed for the entire hour. Our spokesmodels are usually early, so you can spend that extra time prepping them for the day.


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Paul Moreau – Hammermill Paper

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Pam Messick – Jacuzzi Worldwide

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Petra Persson - Canon

"We got over 600 leads at the show and have been incredibly happy with the talent you have provided us!"
Caitlin Murray - WWM

"We went from 80 leads last year to over 600 leads using your staff at this year’s show!"
Pat Rudolph - Ventureforth

"Your staff was constantly driving traffic into the booth – we more than tripled our leads from last year!"
Katie Bloomgren – WNA

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Shane Cortesi - TNT

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Jane Grafton – Lieberman Software

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Steven Jay – Tryst

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Jeff Cordell – Cordell Racing

"Your team was punctual, communicative, personable and professional. Will definitely be working with you again!"
Sarah Meyer – King Technology

"The hostesses were absolutely fantastic! They were punctual, outgoing, reliable and extremely friendly."
James Bethe – World Wide Metric

"Your staff is one of a kind! Carlee was smart, hard working and energetic."
Ali Orgucu – IPM Toner

"Natalia was positive, energetic and did an outstanding job pulling people into our booth."
Chris Mitchell – iSMOK

"The Lead Generator we hired was hard working, intelligent and an excellent addition to our team during the event."
Elina Lipkin – Maxthon

"The professionalism of Stephanie and her staff is unmatched in the industry!"
Stephen Haley – Immudex

"Your staff wowed us with their intelligence, elegance and well-timed responses."
Dennis Scott – Noren Products